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Flavored Toothpicks
Daneson, Flavored ToothpicksDaneson, Flavored ToothpicksDaneson, Flavored ToothpicksDaneson, Flavored Toothpicks

Flavored Toothpicks

  • Daneson flavored toothpicks are crafted of only the finest veneer quality A-Grade wood milled from northern white birch in America.

    - Each bottle has a minimum of a dozen toothpicks
    - All natural ingredients
    - Uses ONLY American and Canadian suppliers
    - Daneson aims to maintain a minimum 1:1 ratio of milling to replanting forestland
    - Each small batch is numbered and has its own distinct characteristics of quality

    Flavors Include:

    CinnaMint Nº 9 – Part of a long tradition of cinnamon toothpicks, this style features a subtle hint of raw mint, which creates a sweet sensation that blends nicely with the warming heat of cinnamon.

    Mint Nº 9 – A blend of natural oils from several mint varieties along with peppermint, and a touch of wintergreen with sweet fennel.

    Single Malt Nº16 – A select batch, premium blend that is made with a very good single malt scotch! The toothpicks are soaked and then kiln dried leaving behind flavors deep in the wood.

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