Tyrannosaurus Rex
Dino Dig
Kinetic Sand, Tyrannosaurus Rex Dino DigKinetic Sand, Tyrannosaurus Rex Dino Dig

Tyrannosaurus Rex
Dino Dig

  • Dig up the prehistoric past with the sand of the future!

    Made of 98% sand and 2% polymer, this fascinating substance feels like wet sand yet moves and molds in astonishingly strange ways.

    Mix up the realistic Tyrannosaurus bones and then set them inside a large container. Pour in the sand, pack it down, and get ready to dig!

    Let the kids dig with their hands, or grab the special tool and brush for a realistic paleontological experience.

    Set it out for display or mold the sturdy sands into a detailed landscape for your new T-Rex to stomp through - It's perfect prehistoric fun!

    With amazing sand, amazing bones, and amazing ways to play, the Kinetic Sand Dino Dig Tyrannosaurus Rex kit inspires hands of all sizes to really dig in to paleontological fun.

    – Safe for ages 3 years and up

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