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Treehouse Living
Treehouse Living, Laurens/La CabneTreehouse Living, Laurens/La CabneTreehouse Living, Laurens/La CabneTreehouse Living, Laurens/La Cabne

Treehouse Living

  • Living high up in the trees is no longer only a fantasy. A renewed passion for nature, combined with the growing availability of innovative building techniques and materials, has created a burst of imaginative treehouse construction on every continent. Alain Laurens is Europe’s leading architect of such projects, and his company, La cabane Perchée, is internationally recognized for its extraordinary treehouse design, superior workmanship, and ecological responsibility. Treehouse Living includes fifty innovative treehouses in a wide range of styles, all built without driving a single nail into a tree. From a lofty porch for entertaining to a secluded bedroom set amid rustling leaves, from an intimate dining room to a living area complete with spectacular views, this book offers a new way to live well in nature.

    Author: La Cabane Perchee Company, Alain Laurens

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