Halloween with Teich Toys & Books

Here are a few fun things from Teich Toys & Books for your little goblins and ghouls this spooky Halloween season!

Halloween just wouldn’t be the same without a few carved pumpkins to set the mood. This set of Pumpkin Carving Tools includes everything you need to get the job done and have some fun. (B.Y.O. Pumpkins.)

Dan Yaccarino’s vibrant and bold illustrations bring these pumpkins to life with personality and style in this wonderful picture book. Toddlers are sure to laugh out loud as these pumpkins roll out of sight!

Celebrate Halloween with Teich Toys & Books and use this lightweight and highly visible Jack-O-Lantern backpack to collect a whole year’s worth of treats in just one night.

A pack of spooky party bags for those creepy Trick or Treat gifts featuring a freaky witch with die-cut hat. The bags are embellished with shiny copper foil and finished with black, twisted paper handles.

Add a sprinkle of spooky to your Halloween party with these creepy party picks. Includes the usual suspects, Witch, Ghost, Skull, and Jack-O-Lantern

You’ve got questions, the Spirit world has answers, and Ouija can help you get them. Just rest your fingers on the planchette as it drifts around the board and spells out messages from the other side!

Stack and create your own monsters with this 18 piece set. Featuring scalloped dowels, scales, robotic diodes, monster heads, hands, feet, patterns and much more. Mix and match shapes to unleash endless creature combinations!

Growing up on Mimi and Papa’s farm, Peter knows a lot about caring for pumpkins. One summer Peter finds a lonely pumpkin all by itself in the field, and with his tender care, the pumpkin flourishes. By autumn, it’s the very best pumpkin of all, and Peter wants to keep it for himself. But when a young girl shows up at the farm in quest of a perfect pumpkin, will Peter pass on his prized pumpkin and gain a friend?

Paint little faces, naturally! This set of worry-free face paints are the only all-natural, non-nano face paints available on Earth. Set includes one bamboo applicator and five vibrant colors made with botanical extracts, natural colors, and organic ingredients, and one bamboo applicator.

With twenty pieces of Quin’s favorite handmade candies, Best o’ QUIN gives you a taste of everything with a selection of Fruity Lollipops, Salty/Sweet Caramels, and Dreams Com Chews. Never with artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.

Handmade chocolate ‘Twizzlie’ Chews by Quin combine chocolate and locally roasted coffee with a tiny dash of sea salt and are probably the greatest chocolate chewy candy you’ve never had. Never with artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.